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Thursday, April 8, 2010

6 Tips for Grab Bar Placement

6 Tips for Grab Bar Placement
Customers say to us all the time "I know I need a grab bar, but have no idea where it should go." Here are  6 tips for grab bar placement for you or your client's home.

1-      Grab Bar Height- There is no standard height requirement for residential installation of grab bars, and everyone's needs are different, but as a rule of thumb, in ADA compliant bathrooms, grab bars are installed 33"-36" off the finished floor. The recommended height for children is 17"-28".

If your bathroom will be used for family members and guests who may be of different heights and abilities, the Great Grabz Wave bar is the perfect solution. The Wave sweeps up 3" to cover more area making it comfortable and secure for everyone.
2-      Grab Bar Length- Grab bars should cover as much of the shower wall as possible. If you have a large shower, we suggest a bar for each wall to ensure safety.  
3-      Outside of the shower or tub- Having a small grab bar placed vertically outside of the shower or tub entry is great for assistance stepping to and from a wet surface. Great Grabz's 10" grab bar is ideal for this application.
 4-      Tub Deck- Soaking tubs are all the rage in bathroom design. However, trouble can come quickly if someone is unable to exit the tub. We suggest installing a grab bar on the wall behind the tub and/or a small grab bar on the tub deck.  Be sure the grab bar is in a place where a foot cannot trip on it while entering or exiting a tub.

 5-      Towel bars with strength- Let's face it, when you are about to fall you'll grab on to anything close by - including a towel bar. Why not make towel bars safer by replacing them with grab bars? 

6-      Toilet paper holder-  For those who have a hard time getting up from a seated position, Great Grabz's 10" grab bar can also be used as a toilet paper holder, while still maintaining its strength of supporting 250lbs of force. 

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  1. Very informative. Learning proper placement of grab bars could give you a peace of mind that no one would fall inside the bathroom. Professionals would be installing it bywelding Lee County to ensure that it would snugly fit on your walls.