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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spa Shower for 2

As a bathroom designer, I learn a great deal about my clients and their showering habits. Many Baby Boomers find that they finally have time to pamper themselves and their spouse for the first time in their married life. Shower and bathing together is one of life's simple pleasures.

Here are a few quick measures to ensure great shower design and performance:

* The minimum width for any shower is 36" and the length should be at least 60" for 2 people.
* Installing 2 shower heads on separate diverters, one wall mounted and one handheld allows for enhanced showering and easy cleaning.
* Shower arms should be set at 84" off the finished floor to accommodate taller bathers.
* Handheld shower head installed on a slide bar allows for flexible showering styles.
* The optimum distance from most body sprays is 30".
* Shower ceilings should not exceed 8 feet in cooler climates.
* Glass enclosures should be a minimum of 3" above the shower head.
* Shower seats and benches should be 18" off floor and at least 14" deep.
* Grab bars should be placed in areas where bathers are stepping in and out of the shower as well as where they are likely to transfer weight on to one leg. (Washing feet, shaving legs etc.)

It is important to ask questions and find out who and how people will be using the shower. A great design can greatly enhance the spa feel of any bathroom.

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