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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

iPhones, iPads, iPedicures...Oh My

If have ever had a pedicure or manicure at a busy nail salon you know that the conversations usually centers around celebrity gossip, People magazine and recipes. Well this week I was left speechless by the conversation....

Saturday afternoon there were 6 ladies in the salon ranging in age from 55 to 75. Everyone had an iPhone or an iPad on their lap while getting their pedicures, fills and manicures. As I sat back and listened, I realized that the very animated conversations were about the new features on of the iPhone 4S, Skyping with grand kids at college and how to download Apps.  

Baby Boomers are changing the world and they using technology to do it. What is next the iPedicure?

In the spirit of the Nail Salon Chatter:  

Eye ReaderStop squinting at restaurant menus or trying to read your theater program in the dark. The Eye Reader lets you use your iPhone 4's LED light to magnify and illumine small print. (iPhone4; 1.99)

G Park – For those times when it comes to finding your car in a huge parking lot or deck. Just set your location before you leave your car and the app will get you back with pinpoint accuracy. Great for the Airport! (iPhone; .99)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

It Takes A Village to Age In Place

What will it take to successfully Age In Place? It will take a village. is a social networking site that has incredible potential for people of all ages. Many communities around the country have initiatives to connect residents, but this site allows neighbors to communicate in any weather and from the safety of their homes when mobility is an issue.  
  • Does anyone have a tool?
  • Babysitter needed...
  • Can someone help change my light bulb?
  • How are you doing in this storm?
I live in a rural area where I rarely get to see my neighbors. This would be a far more effective way to stay in touch, find lost pets and increase neighborhood safety. The world is changing and here is technology to make every community feel a little more "small town".

Royalty-Free (RF) Clipart Illustration of a Village With Cute Cottages On Islands by cidepix