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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Does your grab bar selection compromise your bathroom design?

From mints on the pillow to complementary bathrobes- great hotels know that it’s the details that make a guest's stay memorable.

Even grab bars, which were once installed only to meet ADA code, are being given a second thought when it comes to bathroom design for both ADA and non-ADA hotel rooms.

“There is no excuse for ugly utilitarian grab bars and other universal design elements either. Sophisticated alternatives abound as baby boomers grow older and the spa-as-sanctuary trend expands,” says Jeffrey Ornstein, CEO of J/Brice Design International.

Great Grabz, the leader in decorative grab bars, is seeing this trend among luxury hotels. They’ve recently partnered with Disney® and Marriott® in providing them with grab bars for all of their guest bathrooms- keeping their guests safe without compromising the bathroom design.

“Institutional grab bars are now a thing of the past as guests demand both safety and style,” says Great Grabz President, Abbie Sladick. "We carry a variety of grab bars at various price levels to meet the needs of the hospitality, commercial and residential markets."

For more information on Great Grabz you can visit them online at: 

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