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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hotel Design Trends

New hotel trends you’ll see popping up include:
Multipurpose Lobbies- Reaching out to the younger generation. Hotels are redesigning their lobbies to have their guests come for cocktails, coffee, or just a place to check their emails and hangout with the family.  I recently noticed this with my trip to Charlotte NC. The Marriott Hotel in South park had many lounge areas sectioned off for guests to choose from.  Along with scented candles and various pitchers of fruit infused water.  It was such a welcoming environment that guests were taking advantage of daily.

No More Tubs- Many hotels, like Marriott are doing away with bathtubs, and opting for showers instead.  Marriott is “advising our newly built hotels to put showers in 75% of their rooms.”* New technologies in grout allow them to be easier to clean than in the past and color tile options add a new element of creative design for the bathrooms.
Pump Dispensers- Hotels are also beginning to get rid of those cute little bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and installing soap dispensers instead. While including soap dispensers would be easier for those with limited hand mobility, I would imagine that many people- myself included- will miss those tiny bottles that travel so well.
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Electronic Check In- Similar to the kiosks you see at airports, hotels are adding electronic check in spots for guests. Some of Starwood’s Aloft hotels are offering “Smart Check In” that will text a guest on the day of their stay with information on getting into their room- bypassing the line at the check in counter.** 
Energy Efficient- Looking for ways to save on their energy costs, hotels are adding technology that requires guests to use their hotel keys to keep the lights on.  I experienced this at the Platinum Hotel in Las Vegas.  I had to place my room key next to the door to keep the lights going in the hotel room.  It was really not an inconvenience in anyway and saved me from unnecessarily leaving any lights on while I was out of the room.  Many hotels are also considering adding a motion light detector for the hallways to keep them from having to stay lit all day.

What hotel changes would you like to see?  Which ones will you miss?

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  1. This is a deluxe hotel to stay for a week! Very cozy and beautiful. I would choose the second photo, very neat.