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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Design/Build Remodeling...More than 1 Man and a Truck

Today’s savvy homeowners are looking to make good spending decisions on their remodeling projects. They are no longer satisfied by the tradesman who uses his sledge hammer first and then… pulls out his pencil from behind his ear and starts to calculate costs. This method often results in a project that is poorly designed and notoriously over budget.

A Design/Build Remodeler is the perfect professional to work with the new breed of homeowner who is looking for a great project, an enjoyable process and an exceptional value.

The Process:
  • Initial Meeting – This is the time to get to know one another, survey the existing home, honestly discuss budget desires, and talk about needs both present and future.
  • Idea Sharing – During the exchange of ideas, the remodeler and the client can see if they are a comfortable match. Can they work together to accomplish the clients goals?
  • Design Stage – This is where the magic happens… Design ideas are presented, mulled over and agreed upon as a team. Material choices are presented, options are explored and budgets are established. This phase often takes time and requires a series of meetings. Choices are much easier to change on paper then in the field and this is the time to do it.
  • Construction Documents –When all designs are complete they are put to paper and both remodeler and client sign off. Clear and detailed documents make good projects.
  • Time to Build – With all of the preparation done it is time to bring in the crews. There are clear cut directions from construction documents and the plan can be executed.
Good value in a remodeling project does not mean cheap. It means that money is well spent and the design and function exceeds expectations.

If you have any questions on Design/Build Remodeling please feel free to contact me at Abbie Sladick, CGR, CAPS or visit our website

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