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Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't be a Fool

"The wise do at once what the FOOL does at last." - Baltasar Gracian

Pop Quiz: #1 When is the proper time to install a grab bar?

A- Before a fall in the bathroom
B- After a fall in the bathroom

Correct Answer: A

Unfortunately for many, grab bars are usually thought of only AFTER a fall has occurred. There are so many times I receive a phone call from someone who is looking for a grab bar because they have ALREADY fallen in the shower OR they are recovering from an injury that has resulted from a fall and need a grab bar to keep them steady.

While a grab bar is a great thing to add for both of those situations, wouldn't it be a better idea to install one as a preventative measure? The trouble is, most people do not think about the impact a fall can have on their lives.

Pop Quiz: #2 Soap + Water + Tile =

A. A safe and secure area to bathe
B. A slippery surface in which a fall can occur

Correct Answer: B

Let's face it; the shower/bathtub is a slippery place that can be a potential hazard. What IF you fell in the shower and injured yourself? How would this affect your life?

I am a healthy 30 year old woman currently training for my 2nd half marathon by working out 6 days a week. I have 2 dogs that I walk 2 times a day. I live on the 3 floor of my condo that does not have an elevator. I also drive a manual transmission car that requires both my legs and arms to operate.

A fall in the bathroom for me would critically change my daily routine and quality of life. I simply cannot afford the limitations that a sprained or broken bone would cause. My decorative 24” Wave grab bar is perfect for me; it provides just enough support to keep me steady while in the shower and its decorative style looks great in my bathroom.

I challenge everyone, to think about your day-to-day routine. How could a fall affect these activities? Beyond medical bills, have you considered the costs involved?
Guest Blogger Ashley Armstrong is the National Sales Manager for Great Grabz-

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  1. Very impressive, meticulously, practically. Congratulations:)