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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning - How to get rid of Sentimental Items

Yesterday was the first day of spring. For many this is the time for Spring Cleaning.

De-cluttering your space not only keeps your home safer and more organized, but it also allows room to bring good energy into your home.
I look forward to a good spring cleaning every year. Going through my home and tossing out what I no longer use, is not a problem for me. I live by the “one year rule” of tossing out any items I haven’t used or worn in a year. There is something very liberating about rummaging through old magazines, books, junk drawers, closets and pantries to get rid of items I no longer use.

The only items I do have a problem with parting with, are the sentimental ones. So many times we feel obligated to hold on to items we don’t use or even like in some cases, because we have placed a sentimental value on them.

• Your teenagers 4th grade art project

• A gift from your neighbor

 • Items from a deceased loved one

• Nik naks that have accumulated over time

• Souvenirs purchased on vacations

I’ve scoured the web and found 5 great tips to help you get rid of sentimental items:

1- Take a picture – This idea, from Making this Home, is to take a picture of the item you love so that you can have the memory of it, without actually having the item in your home.

2. Keep only what nourishes your soul- In this month’s issue of Whole Living Magazine, they suggest asking yourself “does this sentiment nourish your spirit?” If it does, then keep it otherwise free up the space for new energy to arrive.
Read more at Embracing the Art of Decluttering

3. Understand the Sentimental Mind- This is a great blog post that offers 2 new mentalities to adopt to help get rid of items you no longer need or use. #1 Trust in Yourself and #2 Things want to be Used.

4. Only hold on to a few things- In this blog, Rachel suggests that keeping only a few items is what makes them more sentimental. She also offers specific advice for items people tend keep.

5. Keep only three boxes per family member- offers several tips on cleaning out sentimental items, one of them being; keeping only three boxes per family member. Giving yourself a limit allows you to determine what is really important to keep.
  •  What are the sentimental items you keep in your home?
  • If you have tips on how to get rid of sentimental items we would love to know! 
Happy Spring Cleaning!


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