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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Are your Grab Bar Selections Decorative, Design Neutral or Devoid of Design?

In the past, many hospitality designers and architects paid little attention to their ADA bathroom accessory selections. These selections were not a part of the decorative package, but were merely a utilitarian afterthought.

Grab Bars and shower seats have been excluded from the carefully planned and orchestrated interior bathroom selections. This methodology allowed the specifiers to select the same old reliable products that have always been used, but had the end result of taking away from the look of the finished bathroom.

How many beautiful bathrooms have you seen that have standard stainless steel grab bars?

How did it make you feel?

With shrinking material budgets and more demanding guest requirements, this is no longer a design choice that any design professional can afford to make. Designers now have the option to choose from many of the great decorative grab bars on the market.

There are bars that add flair and the unexpected to bathroom design like the Great Grabz Wave bar.

A grab bar can also be used as a towel bar, allowing for both function and added safety.

The concept of Design Neutral is to make no statement with your design. (this is not the same as being devoid of design) To be Design Neutral in your grab bar selection, try specifying the a Great Grabz Splash bar powder coated in a custom color of your choice to blend in with the shower stone.

Whatever your design style, be sure your guests are Wow'd that you paid as much attention to their safety and comfort as you did for the color of the walls.

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