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Monday, August 15, 2011

5 Places You Never Thought to Put a Grab Bar

  1. Entry of Shower-  Many people place a grab bar on the long wall of their shower, but this can leave a large unsafe gap from walking into the shower and actually being in the shower.  Adding a small vertical grab bar at the entrance is great to assist with entry and exit. This is especially needed for tub/shower combinations when someone is required to step over the tub's edge.

2. Near Handheld Shower-  The upward motion of  removing and returning a handheld shower head to its cradle can cause you or your loved one to become unbalanced. Having a small vertical grab bar near the handheld shower head offers a place to hold.

3. Next to shower seat- For those who may have trouble standing up from a seated position, having a grab bar placed next to a shower seat or bench is a great assistive device. This is especially beneficial when the floor is wet and traction is hard to obtain.

4. In place of a towel bar- Let's face it, when you are about to fall you are going to grab onto whatever is in reach.  Instead of installing traditional towel bars into your bathroom, which easily rip out of the wall, use Horizon grab bars instead.  They have enough room for even the fluffiest of towels to dry, while having the strength of a grab bar.

5.  By the front door- A small vertical grab bar placed near the front door is a great place for someone to hold on to while bringing in groceries, removing shoes, or unleashing the dog.  (The 10" Hand Hold is also a great place to hang a dog leash!)

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