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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mr. Gingerbread Man's Home Assessment

Gingerbread Man’s Home Assessment

It is important to do a home assessment before any bathroom remodel to make sure we are meeting all our client’s present and future needs. Asking questions and listening is the first step to any successful project.

 Bathroom Entry 
  • Is bathroom door handle easy to turn?
  • Is entry to bathroom wide enough to roll-in to?
  • Are there any barriers to entry?
  • Is there adequate space to move around the bathroom?
  • Is the bathroom floor free from tripping hazards? 
  • Are the floors easy to clean?
  • Is there non-slip tile on the floor?
  • Is the floor very cold?
  • Is the shower or tub slippery?
  • Does shower have a walk-in entry?
  • Is there adequate drainage in the shower?
  • Are counters at a comfortable height and depth for everyone that using the bathroom?
  • Are counters free from clutter?
  • Does counter top allow for seating?
  • Are counters easy to clean?
  • Do you have too much glare off the counter tops?
  • Do you bath or shower?
  • Is tub easy to get in and out of?
  • How do you get in and out?
  • Is tub easy to clean?
  • Does tub drain effectively?
  • Is there a grab bar on or near tub to assist with entry and exit?
  • Is shower easy to get in and out of?
  • Is there a handheld shower head?
  • Is water valve easy to turn on?
  • Do you have to get wet when you turn the water on?
  • Do you ever have problems with getting scalded by the hot water?
  • Is there enough room to safely maneuver in the shower?
  • Do you have a light in the shower?
  • Are there grab bars in and out of the shower for entry and exit?
  • Is there a shower seat or bench needed?
  • Are towels accessible outside of the shower
  • Where do you keep your towels when you shower? 
  • Are shower tiles easy to clean?
  • Does the bathroom stay humid long after you shower?
  • Do you ever smell mold in the bathroom?
  • Do you have adequate lighting at the sink?
  • Are cords secured and out of the way?
  • Are electrical outlets accessible?
  • Are there enough outlets to safely plug in blow dryers, etc.?

    CLICK HERE to print out your own bathroom safety checklist.

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