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Monday, August 10, 2009

Tools to Aging Well

Life is busy, but as time clock continues to tick it is important to pamper our souls and our bodies. Managing a busy schedule can be stressful and it is this stress which increases the effects of aging on our bodies. Whether at home or away, every one starts and ends the day in the bathroom. This space should be an inviting, functional, and safe sanctuary that you can enjoy. Here are a few home improvement suggestions to make your bathroom the ideal place where to give your body the attention it needs to age well.

Lighting - Great lighting is the key to creating a functional and comfortable task area. Lights should come from more than one source. This helps to eliminate shadows and to clearly light all facial surfaces. Over head lighting combined with vanity sconces or lighted makeup mirrors are a great combination. Adequate lighting in the shower is important for safe stepping and to make reading labels on bottles more helpful.

Bring a bit of the spa home. A new trend for showers today is Chromatherapy, which is color light therapy. The use of colored lights is said to balance energy in the body as well as to help change a person’s mood. Many companies have incorporated this type of lighting into their shower heads to create a more relaxing shower experience. Retro-fit models can be purchased at your local home store and are easy to install.

Vanity Areas- Making space in your bathroom to sit can not only be a luxury, but it can be a back saver as well. Bending over a low vanity of holding a heavy blow dryer day after day can create unnecessary aches and pains. This space is also a great area to keep are cosmetics, medications etc. Organization is a key to reducing morning stress. A built in or stand alone vanity should have good storage space and easy to reach electrical outlets. This is also an ideal spot for lighted magnified mirrors. They come in a variety of magnification strengths and make it much easier to applying makeup, do skin cancer self checks and dental care.

Washlets For many years the Japanese have enjoyed the luxury and convenience of self washing toilets. At first glance this may seem like an exotic idea, but upon further consideration you may find this to be a great part of your health maintenance routine. An integrated, self-cleaning nozzle extends to release a warm, soothing stream of aerated water, followed by a breeze of heated air for drying. These combined features provide the ultimate in personal cleansing. The Washlet can be attached to the seat of most standard toilets. A nearby electrical outlet must be available and can be easily added by a licensed electrician. These seats can be purch

ased from area plumbing showrooms and installed by a plumber.

Showers- Saving the best for last, there is no better way to start feel pampered than having a luxurious shower.

· Just as with the vanity area, having a seat in the shower is both safe and relaxing. It can be used for feet washing, leg shaving, or just a nice place to stay and let the warm water rush over you. A handheld shower device on a slide bar is also ideal to use while seated.

· Handhold showers are also great for when you don’t want to get your hair wet as well as great way to clean a big shower.

· Because of the wet surface, the shower can be the most dangerous place in the bathroom. To ensure safety in your bathroom sanc

tuary you should have a zero threshold shower entry to minimize risk of tripping. This also gives the shower a spa-like look.

· Grab bars are a great idea for the shower as well. Gone are the days where grab bars look institutional now you can buy grab bars that are both beautiful and safe without taking away from the design of your bathroom.

· For the ultimate relaxation, add a steam shower to your bathroom. A steam shower is an enclosure that merges a steam bath and a regular shower into one. Not only are steam showers calming, but they are also good for sinus infection relief, increases blood circulation, and flush out toxins and other impurities in the system.

A well designed and thoughtfully appointed bathroom can make it easy to pamper your self and enjoy comfortable time at the start end of every day. Men and women a like will enjoy some of the new amenities that are now available to make it easier to look and feel great.

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