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Monday, January 12, 2009

Keeping Families Safe and Healthy in the Bathroom

With the winter winds blowing and the snow falling many families are feeling the effects of the flu and cold season. Sniffles can be heard everywhere, but as a mom, there is nothing more frustrating then having colds pass from family member to family member in MY own house. A new study finds that cold suffers often leave germs on surfaces throughout the house, where they can live for two days or longer.

The University of Virginia, tested surfaces around the home. "We found that commonly touched areas like the refrigerator, doors and handles were positive about 40% of the time for cold germs," said Dr. Birgit Winther, who helped conduct the study.

Wouldn't it be great to have surfaces that stopped the growth of these germs on contact. Well there is-- SANIGUARD -- and it is being in used in some innovative places. SANIGAURD uses the power of silver to stab, starve and stop reproduction of many germs once activated by the moisture from the human touch.

In 2009, this technology moves from hospitals to the home and to hotels. Great Grabz has made SANIGAURD a standard feature on all their decorative grab bars. They will also offer this coating on showerseats, shower baskets, towel bars and other bathroom accessories. One of the additional features of this product is that it protects the decorative finish of the metals and eliminates the need for harsh chemical for disinfecting. (think green!)

Many hotels and cruise ships are looking to this new technology to keep bathrooms shipshape. Guests appreciate this extra attention to detail. No one likes to get sick on vacation! At home or on vacation, another great way to keep your family healthy is Hands2GO instant sanitizer. It is alcohol-free, fragrance-free natural and water based.

Stay happy and healthy!

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